— About Me —



Bachelor of Arts in Religion & Psychology
College of William & Mary - 2001

Master of Divinity
Union Presbyterian Seminary - 2009

Master of Christian Education
Union Presbyterian Seminary - 2009

Doctor of Ministry in Leadership
Wesley Theological Seminary - 2018


In Short

With almost two decades of experience in ministry, I’ve worked with youth, adults, congregational care, and a variety of worship styles. I’ve served in leadership positions in both small and large churches. I live my life continuously curious about how our big picture beliefs shape our day to day lives and habits, and I’m passionate about walking with people on their life journey of learning and discovery about themselves and the world.

What is working with me Like?

I am a collaborative leader, meaning that you are an essential part of the process. Together we will create a plan to tackle whatever challenge you are facing.

I am guided by love. My faith is an integral part of who I am, and while I do not force my beliefs on any individual or group, I am guided by God’s command in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament to love my neighbor as myself.

I am helping people on a journey. I understand our whole life to be a process of exploring and learning as we seek to live more fully into who we were created to be. I am passionate about walking with people on this journey.

I am seeking wholeness in my life, my relationships, and my world. Wholeness is captured in the biblical term shalom, meaning that all of creation is in its proper place doing what it was created to do. I want to help people find peace and wholeness in their lives by becoming the people they were meant to be. 



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