Leadership Lessons from the Side of the Road

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who see the light flick on their car dashboard indicating that they have a quarter of a tank of fuel and immediately head to the gas station to fill up


those who wait until the line is hovering over the E before they even consider filling up.

The latter would be me. I have run out of gas more times than I can count, and here is what I have learned from being stuck on the side of the road.

1. Be prepared. Sometimes we get stuck, but we saw the warning signs well in advance. If you see trouble on the horizon, start getting ready. Build your personal brand. Start looking at new jobs, change your routine, invest in relationships before you find yourself out of gas.

2. There are things you do even while you are stuck. Once I had to wait for a tank of gas with my preschool daughter. We read books and played in the field next to the road. You may be stuck, but you still have resources that you use to bring you joy and life. Often when I have found myself stuck at work, I have learned to enjoy my family time even more. Or if you are facing some parenting challenges (I have teenagers), I find fulfillment in a great work project.

3. You might need to call in some help. When you are in deep, sometimes your personal resources are not going to be enough to pull you out. You need someone to come beside you as you regain your feeling of place and purpose. Depending on the challenges this may be this is a friend, a pastor, a counselor, or a coach.

If you're nearing empty or on the side of the road, private message me today. I'm here to listen and can provide you with some tips to move you forward in life!

Erin ReibelComment