Leadership Lessons I Learned from the Laundry

Of all the household tasks, I think I hate laundry the most.

I have no problem getting the clothes clean, it is the sorting, folding, and putting away that really puts me over the edge.

So I used to avoid it, for weeks.

(True story: I knew it was time to really get on the laundry situation when the kids started tunneling through the pile!)

Then the day came when we needed to move a child into my laundry room. This was going to require a whole new laundry game plan. A strategic plan for the laundry!

I needed a new way of thinking about the laundry.

Here's what you can learn about creating CHANGE no matter what you're facing:

1. Creating change means disrupting old ways of functioning//

2. Creating change means being uncomfortable//

3. Creating change means making new habits//

Leaders, you probably are not facing a laundry crisis at work, but these aspects are in every change that you are making in a system.

It is easy to think that once you have made a change that your work is done, but in reality, the hardest steps are still in front of you.

Changing the way your organization functions, living with the discomfort (and your members perhaps vocal discomfort) and making new habits and ways of functioning is tough work.

Remember to schedule in some extra self-care time. Get proper rest. Reward yourself for making a hard move!

Where are you stuck--- A) feeling stuck and ready for the change B) recently made a change and sticking charting new waters!

Send me a PM and let me know!

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