One Simple Phrase that Can Change Your Leadership

Leadership expert Jeff Lawrence said, “There is no such thing as a dysfunctional organization because every organization is perfectly aligned to achieve the results it currently gets.”

Creating change is hard. Organizations have certain systems in place because they work for them. If you are a leader trying to create change, you will need to have a plan in place to deal with the comfort that these old systems provide. One of my tactics for creating change in an old system is to use the phrase “Let’s give this a try.” What this phrase does is it reduces the tension surrounding a new idea. It lets the organization know that the new idea you are offering is an experiment, not a permanent change. What you will find it that people are much more willing to try something if they understand it is temporary.

⚠Warning: Do not use this if this phrase if the change you are creating is permanent and not an experiment. Then all you will create is distrust!⚠

This will provide you with lots of good data on your idea.

//Maybe people love the new idea. Great then let people know that the experiment was a success, and you will be implementing it permanently.

//Maybe people will tolerate the idea but prefer their old way. In this situation, you need to gauge the limits of their toleration. Is this the only significant change happening in your organization, then maybe they could handle the change? Is there are a lot of discomfort and anxiety, then perhaps you should wait before implementing the change or reduce it into smaller steps.

//Maybe everyone hates your idea. Great! Back to the drawing board to try tackling the issue differently.

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