The Power of Saying 'I Don't Know'

As the lead pastor, I was often asked questions about how the church should function, the best direction to take, and how to increase attendance at worship/Sunday School/the church-wide picnic and the list could go on.

Some of these I could answer, but in doing so I would take the work away from the group I was called to lead. “I don’t know.” gives the work back to the group, so that they have to struggle with coming up with answers. And this is a good thing. 🌟🌟

An adaptive challenge is a challenge or problem that requires a group to change their priorities, core beliefs, and standard ways of functioning.

Adaptive challenges are answered by the group struggling and searching to solve the problem with you. “I don’t know,” s the perfect phrase to begin the process of having the group think through the challenges and solutions in front of them.

Confused about when to use “I don’t know.” Worried that it will make you appear less authoritative, leave me a message and let me see if I can help.

Erin ReibelComment