Top 3 Reasons Why Being an Adaptive Leader is Important to Your Ministry

During my years working in the church, I have seen trends in leadership come and go. However, one thing has remained constant. Thriving churches have leaders who are willing to to do the hard work of helping individuals and congregations adapt to the needs of their community and culture. Here are my top three reasons why you should consider adaptive leadership as your primary leadership style.

1// Alert, Alert. In case you didn't notice, the church and Christianity, in general, are in a state of decline in the United States. Unfortunately, most churches and ministries have been following a model from 50 years ago. It is time for our leadership to match the challenges of the modern world. Doing this is going to mean adapting your structure and techniques to the modern world.

2// Change is Normal. One colleague I used to work with would often say, “if you are not changing, then you are already behind.” Does that statement bring fear to your heart? Has your organization been doing the same thing year after year and seeing diminishing results? It is time to create a change in your organization so that your ministry can flourish again.

3// Remember our Call. Last and most important, it is what Jesus called us to do. As Christians, we are supposed to go into the world and change it. We are supposed to make disciples and teach people about how the Good News of Jesus can change their lives. If you are living the Christian call in your life, then you are already an adaptive leader.

Let me know below, which of these three stands out most to you!

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