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β€”  Speaking & Retreats  β€”

Diving deep into topics thaT both inspire & inform

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Trained as a preacher, I have been a public speaker for over 15 years. I am both a spiritual and practical speaker. I am interested in how the big ideas of faith, education, and theory can influence our day to day lives. My messages will both inspire, inform and ask you to live more fully into who you are called to be.

Listen to a Speaking Example β†’

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Retreats are a great way to help individuals and teams develop their collaborative skills and dive into a specific topic. Perhaps you already have a theme in mind; I would love to help you plan your retreat so that your staff, volunteers, or members get the most out of their time together.

I also know that retreat planning is time-consuming and can be overwhelming. If this describes you, I have developed four different retreat plans; each includes 4, 30-minute talks, and four corresponding discussion sessions.

Three Types of Retreats:

β€’ Leadership Retreats β†’
Spiritual Retreat β†’
Pastor Respite β†’